Hi, I'm Cameron

I'm a Product Designer in San Francisco. I work on web and mobile products, but got my start in visual design and still enjoy making logos or printed materials here and there. Prior to working in product design I helped found two nonprofits, and I still volunteer doing design work and light front-end development for NGOs.

Below is some of my work. There's always more to show, so please get in touch if you'd like to chat.


1. Groups

My work at Yammer, an internal social product for companies, has been focused on encouraging users to work in teams. A major part of this effort was redesigning the experience of groups. I utilized color and texture to brand groups throughout Yammer, and added interactions to turn consumption of group content into a workflow. In addition to designing the experience of groups on web, I reworked e-mails, group suggestions and group browsing experiences to complete a user's most common engagement loops into groups.

2. Cleanup

In addition to working on groups, I contributed to a larger visual and interaction redesign by improving the UI and UX of threads, the core content in Yammer, in order to maximize readability and place greater emphasis on primary actions.

Experience Project (EP)

When I began work on EP, a social website where users connect around shared life experiences, the product was struggling with eight years of code and design debt. I worked closely with front-end developers to clean up the UI while minimizing additions to the CSS. I focused on establishing a better visual hierarchy, hiding or deemphasizing outdated features, applying styles consistently throughout the product, and creating a style guide to better focus the EP's visual direction going forward.

Visual Work